Примерни задачи за матурата по АНГЛИЙСКИ ЕЗИК за 12 клас

ДЗИ по АНГЛИЙСКИ ЕЗИК след 12 клас ще бъде под формата на тест

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Държавният зрелостен изпит (ДЗИ) по АНГЛИЙСКИ ЕЗИК след 12 клас се провежда под формата на тест и ще има различни задачи, сред които:

  • задачи с избираем отговор;
  • задачи с кратък свободен отговор;
  • задачи за създаване на текст – писане на официално писмо по зададена ситуация и опори, както и създаване на аргументативен текст за изразяване на мнение.

Примерни задачи по АНГЛИЙСКИ ЕЗИК за 12 клас:

Задачи с избираем отговор:

Directions: You will hear a text about things you need to know before traveling to the USA twice. Before you listen to it, you have 2 minutes to read questions 1 – 8. After you hear the text, you have 3 minutes to answer the questions. Then you will hear the text again and will have 1 minute to check your answers. Read questions 1 – 8.

1. In the United States

A) there are cities which tourists should avoid at all costs.
B) tourists should never trust the locals about where to go.
C) tourist-friendly and dangerous city areas can be adjacent.
D) all areas in the American cities are safe for tourists.

2. If you need some medical help while travelling in the USA

A) it’s important that you have travel insurance.
B) you can get access to some cheap medical services.
C) you have to show a printed version of your insurance.
D) you still have to pay a lot despite having a travel insurance.

3. The cheapest way to travel around the USA is

A) by train.
B) by bus.
C) by plane.
D) by car.

4. In the American restaurants

A) it is rude not to tip the waiter.
B) tipping is not typically expected.
C) you’ll need a calculator to check your bill.
D) it is appropriate to give the waiter a 10% tip.

5. In most American cities, walking around the different neighbourhoods is quite safe.

A) True B) False

6. Healthcare in the USA costs a lot.

A) True B) False

7. Unlike other means of transport in the US, there are no discounts on domestic flights.

A) True B) False

8. Waiters in the USA are underpaid.

A)True                B)False

You will now hear the text.
You will hear the text again. Mark your answer on the answer sheet.

Задачи със свободен отговор

Directions: Read the text again and answer questions 7 – 8 using short phrases only. Write your answers on the answer sheet.

  1. How can you speed up the composting process?
  2. If you are lucky, when can your compost mixture be usable?

Оценявани компетентности: умения за разбиране при четене.

Задачи за създаване на текст

Този компонент се състои от две задачи:

Първа задача:  Писане на официално писмо по зададена ситуация с изходен опорен текст с обем на текста от 120 до 130 думи. Максимален брой точки: 20.

You are Jane Brown / John Brown. You like adventure and you have seen the following advertisement in your local newspaper.
Round the world trip – Travel Competition

Do you like adventure? Would you like a chance to travel?
We need one more person to join a small group on a trip around the world.
Write to Mr Marshal, the organizer of the trip, telling him:
● why you would like to go on the trip;
● what skills you have which would be useful on the trip;
● what previous experience you have of travelling (if any).

Write a letter of application. Start and finish the letter in an appropriate way.
(Word limit: 120 – 130 words)

Оценявани компетентности: умения за създаване на текст

Втора задача: Създаване на аргументативен текст за изразяване на мнение с обем от 200 до 220 думи.
Максимален брой точки: 30

You have come across the following article about social media:

Social Media Destroying Social Skills
Teenagers text at the dinner table. They tweet walking to class. They check Facebook on dates. Many of them have become so dependent on technology that they struggle interacting with people in real life. Their only means of communication are through texting and emails. Social skills are lacking in a majority of high school students and social media seems to be impacting this.
A study by Stanford University showed that applications like Facebook,
Twitter, and FaceTime are not a replacement for real human interaction. 3,461 American girls aged 8 to 12 were surveyed for the study. It was concluded that young girls who spend an excessive amount of time using these devices will struggle to develop normal social skills.

Write an essay on the following topic: Social media have destroyed our ability to communicate. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion about the topic and include the following points:
· examples of ways in which social media has had a negative influence on communication;
· examples of ways in which social media has had a positive influence on communication;
· your opinion as to whether the effects are mainly positive or negative.
(Word limit: 200 – 220 words)

Оценявани компетентности: умения за създаване на текст.

Good luck!

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